Venezuelan Mission

Since 1970, the Archdiocese has staffed a missionary parish in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela. Fr. Gregory Schaffer serves as Pastor at the Parish of Jesucristo Resucitado, a parish with over 65,000 people within its boundaries.

The parish community is very poor and located in an area that suffers from high unemployment, chronic violence and abject malnutrition that acutely affects the elderly and children. The parish maintains a church, six chapels, a soup kitchen, a medical clinic, medical laboratory and dentist office.  It also provides Educational Assistance in the form of scholarships and vocational classes at the parish, and Emergency Assistance in the form of medicines and medical exams.

The parish celebrates daily, weekday Masses as well as weekend Masses as it strives to respond to the spiritual as well as the physical needs of the people. The parish is in desperate need of expanding its Soup Kitchen (the Government has closed its kitchens), providing a hospice with its medical clinic, adding bed space, and starting a bakery.

Venezuelan Mission Services: 

With the recent economic crisis in Venezuela worsening, the need is greater than ever at the Venezuelan Mission.

2019 CSAF Goal Amount: $110,000



For most ministries, CSAF funds only part of their annual budget. Some ministries have other sources of funds, such as participant fees and direct donor gifts for some of their programs.