The Saint Paul Seminary

The Saint Paul Seminary’s mission is the preparation of men for ordination to the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. The Seminary provides an integrative program of human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation.

Without the priest, there is no Eucharist. Thus, our Seminary plays an important role in the life of our Church. A flourishing seminary with successful, healthy, happy, and well-formed seminarians serves as a beacon to other men considering priesthood.

The Catholic Services Appeal Foundation funds the tuition, room and board for all men from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis attending The Saint Paul Seminary. Each seminarian’s costs total approximately $30,000 a year. With over four years of seminary, this translates into approximately $120,000 funded by the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation for each seminarian ordained.

2018 CSAF Goal Amount: $650,000

2016/2017 SPS Seminarians
2016/2017 SPS Seminarians

For most ministries, CSAF funds only part of their annual budget. Some ministries have other sources of funds, such as participant fees and direct donor gifts for some of their programs.