Marriage, Family and Life

Programs/Events Include:

  • Biomedical Ethics
    • Bioethics Commission
  • Family and Laity Outreach
    • Divorced and Separated Groups, Single Parent Retreats, Small Group Ministry, Vocation Day Retreats, Courage/Encourage Ministry
  • Marriage and Marriage Preparation Ministry
    • Marriage Day Mass, Marriage Mentor Training, Sacramental Preparation for Marriage, Newly Married Ministry
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Persons with Disabilities: Reconciliation Preparation, First Eucharist Preparation, Confirmation Preparation, Support and Counsel for families with children with disabilities
  • Religious Liberty Outreach
  • Respect Life
    • Post Abortive Referrals, Rachel’s Vineyard Referrals, Post Abortive Retreat, Prayer Service for Life, March for Life, Youth Ambassadors for Life, Virtue training for remote preparation to vocation (collaboration with the Office of Mission of Catholic Education).

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