Latino Ministry

The mission of the Office of Latino Ministry is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ by developing ministry structures and networks that enhance Latino ministry, through relationship building and collaboration, and by being full, active and prophetic participants in the life of the Church and society so as to create vibrant intercultural communities.

The Office provides formation, evangelization, family life and youth programs designed to teach the Catholic faith, strengthen families, and instill Catholic values.

The Archdiocesan Office of Latino Ministry supports programs for Latino Catholics in the 23 parishes of the Archdiocese who have an active Latino Ministry. There are an estimated 300,000 Latino Catholics in the Archdiocese.

Programs Include:

Family Life Programs

  • Family Catechesis, Marriage Preparation Retreats, Marriage Encounter, Natural Family Planning, Parenting Programs (Chastity), Pro-Life Ministry, Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, Family Crisis

Latino Ministry Communications/Evangelization Events

  • Catholic Men’s Night, Catholic Women’s Night, Women retreat, Latino Family Day, Advertisement of Latino Parochial Events, Flock Note Communication Tool for Latino Community

Formation Programs

  • Biblical Institute, Basic Theology Institute, Catechetical Institute, Pastoral Leadership Institute, Summer Catechist Certification, Retreats for Catechists, Ministry of Consolation, Liturgy Institute, Confirmation Masses in Spanish

Youth and Young Adults Programs and Events:

  • Archdiocesan Latino Youth Day, Mobile Youth Day, Young Adult Community Building, Young Adult Retreat, Youth Community Building, Youth Leadership Formation, Youth Retreat Boundary Waters, Youth Retreat Net Center, National Youth Programs

2018 CSAF Goal Amount: $350,000

Copy of Dia De La Familia Latina, Group Photo with Archbishop Hebda #1 (2)

For most ministries, CSAF funds only part of their annual budget. Some ministries have other sources of funds, such as participant fees and direct donor gifts for some of their programs.