Elementary School Subsidies and Scholarships

Thousands of students in Catholic elementary schools benefit from the assistance from the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation. Every Archdiocesan elementary school is supported by the CSAF through the distribution of either a block grant or five, $1,000, individual student scholarships per school.

Block grants are provided to schools with significant unmet financial needs in order for them to continue operations. Most of the elementary schools who receive this type of funding are located within the central cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. However, we also provide grants to rural schools who are most in need.

The five, individual student scholarships provided in each Archdiocesan elementary school (that does not already receive a block grant) are awarded based on great financial need.

The Catholic Services Appeal Foundation is pleased to be able to support Catholic elementary schools and students in  the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

2018 CSAF Goal Amount: $1,703,125

Blessed Trinity Catholic School students reading


For most ministries, CSAF funds only part of their annual budget. Some ministries have other sources of funds, such as participant fees and direct donor gifts for some of their programs.