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Leadership Message from Executive Director Jennifer Beaudry

I love working for the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation and being a small part of the many works of mercy performed by the Collective Ministries that the CSAF funds. Every day, we are in service for the thousands and thousands of people helped by the several hundred programs provided by the ministries the Foundation assists.

Because of the generous support of donors such as you, the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation, in partnership with the parishes throughout this Archdiocese, is able to provide funding to the 20 Designated Ministries of this Archdiocese that no one parish can support on its own.

Each and every dollar that comes into the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation is put to good use. The ministries are able to house the homeless, feed the hungry, help the prisoner, offer financial aid to students in both Catholic elementary and high schools, assist the disabled, minister to the hospitalized, educate the seminarian, support the missionary, work with the immigrant, and serve the American Indian.

Our staff and Board of Directors remain committed to the mission with which we have been entrusted: to ensure that the 20 Designated Ministries receive the funding they need to carry out their missions of mercy. Under our Articles and Bylaws, all of the gifts we receive are restricted gifts to the Designated Ministries, including our parishes and our expenses. Our job is to communicate all of the wonderful Christian works of mercy performed by the ministries in the name of Jesus to you, our donors, and to do our very best to raise all of the dollars needed for the ministries to grow and thrive in the work they do.

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