The Saint Paul Seminary: 9 Transitional Deacons Ordained on May 14 and 9 Theology IV Seminarians to be Ordained to the Priesthood on May 28

Please join us in recognizing these 18 men for their service to the Church. The CSAF supports The Saint Paul Seminary as 1 of 17 Collective Ministries served each year.
(L to R): Caz Schindler, Emma Schindler, Archbishop Hebda & Olivia Schindler

The CSAF Welcomes Archbishop Hebda: A Testimonial from Olivia Schindler Regarding His Installation

Thundering drums greeted me as I sat in my pew. Turning, I witnessed the Procession of Nations, led by American Indian dancers, all clothed in traditional garb, with massive feathered
Catholic Charities of St Paul and Minneapolis Vertical Logo

Catholic Charities: Providing More Than 450,000 Nights of Housing and Shelter

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis operates 7 shelters and 13 housing facilities in our area. The CSAF supports Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis as 1 of
Deacon Ramón García and Family.  Deacon García is on Staff with Saint Stephen’s, Anoka – 1 of 22                    Parishes Providing Latino Ministry

Latino Ministry: Many Latino Catholics Served Through Programs and Evangelization at More than 20 Parishes

The Office of Latino Ministry provides formation, evangelization, family life and youth programs designed to teach the Catholic faith, strengthen families, and instill Catholic values. The Latino Ministry is 1

2016 CSAF Appeal Video (English)

2016 CSAF Appeal Video (Spanish)