How Bill “EMBRACE(D)” Tyrece

“At the end of my first visit with him I was completely convinced that God wanted me involved and we eagerly planned to meet on Sundays to work on Algebra."

Saint Paul’s Outreach: Meet Mikayla

I have seen the Lord work significantly in my life. I am so thankful for my experiences with Saint Paul’s Outreach.

Elementary Schools: A Testimonial from Michael Rogers, President of Risen Christ Catholic School

Your appeal gift is not just a donation to Risen Christ, but it is a donation to 344 individual students and their families.

Office of Marriage, Family, and Life: Enriching and Preparing Couples for Holy Matrimony

"The retreat allowed couples to be quiet together, to listen, and to reflect on the topics and how they present themselves in our personal relationships."

2017 CSAF Appeal Video (English)

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2017 CSAF Appeal Video (Spanish)

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